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Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

AJE provides outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services covering the full scope of the financial reporting and accounting process. These include recording of transactions, maintaining books of accounts, preparation of financial statements and other reports, in order for our clients to give focus on their cor business operations.

Specifically, We do the following:

  • I. Preparation of Books of Accounts

    1. Cash Receipts Book
    2. Cash Disbursements Book
    3. General Journal
    4. Purchases Journal
    5. Sales Journal
    6. General Ledger
  • III. Preparation of Tax Forms and Computation

    1. Monthly Withholding Tax – Expanded
    2. Monthly Percentage Tax Return (if applicable)
    3. Monthly and Quarterly Value-Added Tax Return
    4. Quarterly Income Tax Return
    5. Annual Report for Expanded Withholding Taxes
  • II. Preparation of Financial Reports

    1. Income Statement
    2. Cash Flow Statement
    3. Balance Sheet
  • IV.Other Accounting Services

    1. Accounting System Customization and Automation
    2. Preparation of Feasibility Study and Investment Proposal
    3. Bank Reconciliation
    4. Account Reconciliation
    5. Asset Management
    6. Customized Financial Reporting
    7. Treasury and Cash Management
    8. Assistance during Company audit
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