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We’ll take care of your finance, accounting, taxes and administrative matters so you can focus on growing your business.


AJE is here to help you become successful in your business. With our expertise, experience and advance approach we will help you how to have a simplified business.

AJE believes that our clients should be “ahead” of the competition. We help by empowering you through outsource business management and analysis on your financial data. We also provide you "advance" and “user friendly” automated tools so that you can keep track the progress of your business right at your finger tip--anytime and anywhere. Thus, enable you to make a timely business decision.




Contract Tax Services,
Tax Compliance and Advisory

AJE evaluates the company’s tax position, practices, and procedures ...


Adivisory and Process Automation

Our goal is to provide management a tool to grow your business...


Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

AJE provides outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services...


Business Registration and Incorporation

AJE will help you to decide on the appropriate investment vehicle or...


PEZA and BOI Compliance

AJE provides guidance and assist the Company to comply PEZA and BOI...


Payroll Services

AJE provides outsourced payroll services such as payroll...



Wizy Software Labs have been with AJE Accounting Services since the early stage of the company.

As a first time entrepreneur, I was so stressed at the beginning because of all the administrative tasks involved in running a company. Luckily, I met sir Jun and ma'am Eden of AJE accounting services. I would have given up then if not for their help and sincere guidance. From bookkeeping, to payroll, to government compliance, they always make sure everything is taken care of with integrity and excellence!

And the best about AJE is that they are ALWAYS accessible, reliable, and personable.

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Gino Tria

CPO & Co-founder

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