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Advisory and Process Automation Services

Our goal is to provide management a tool to grow your business, address concern in your business operation, help you mitigate the risk, strengthen control and optimize business process.

Specifically, We provide the following:

  • I. Business Consulting Services

    1. Professional business plan study
    2. Business structuring and reorganization
    3. Budget and control
    4. Pricing and costing
  • II. Internal Audit and Control Services

    1. Assess business and control risk and set up compliance framework
    2. Set-up an internal audit team and internal control system
    3. Provide an outsource resources for compliance and internal audit work
    4. SOX compliance assessment
  • III. Process Improvement and Automation

    1. Business process review and re-engineering
    2. Business process improvement services
    3. Business process automation services
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